Help create the next hit story.

  • Hey! Hooked looks cool, what do you guys do?
  • We're redefining storytelling for the mobile generation.
  • Whoa. How do you do that?
  • We've pioneered a new format for mobile storytelling - chat fiction.
  • (Kind of like what you're reading right now )
  • It's become a phenomenon among teens and millennials in the past year.
  • Ummm okay...But do teens even read anymore?
  • They do now Hooked has reached 50MM readers in the past year!
  • We've hit the #1 spot in the App Store in 25 countries.
  • Including the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and S. Korea.
  • That sounds fun but... how is this a business?
  • People love our stories and pay for them.
  • Hooked is a top 100 grossing app - and we're profitable.
  • We've also raised $15MM in funding from top investors in Silicon Valley and Hollywood, like these guys:
  • And also:
  • SV Angel
  • A Capital
  • Founders Fund
  • Cowboy Ventures
  • Sweet Capital
  • and many more...
  • So chat fiction is a thing now What's next?
  • We're just getting started!
  • We're bringing machine learning and Lean Startup to Hollywood.
  • Hooked has developed a magic potion
  • That's equal parts data, A.I., mobile app and good old-fashioned human creativity.
  • We're building the media company of the future - the next Netflix, the next Disney.
  • Wow heady stuff! I've always dreamt of combining art + technology. How can I get involved?
  • We're always searching for like minds - innovative artists and eccentric technologists, who love stories in all forms, and love a grand challenge.
  • We want to create technology-powered art that reaches billions of people.
  • Join us.
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ML Engineer

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San Francisco / Remote

What Do We Do?

Hooked is using machine learning to disrupt Hollywood. The Hooked app has reached 40MM readers in the past year and has hit the #1 spot in the App Store in 25 countries including the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and S. Korea. We’re building the media company of the future - the next Netflix, the next Disney.

Hooked has raised funding from top investors in Silicon Valley and Hollywood, including Greylock, SV Angel, Cowboy Ventures, William Morris Endeavor, Sound Ventures (Ashton Kutcher), Greg Silverman (ex-President of Warner Bros), Charles King, Snoop Dogg, Jamie Foxx, Mariah Carey, Stephen Curry, Andre Iguodala, Kevin Durant and others. Hooked was recognized by Apple as a Top Trend of 2017 and by Google as the Most Entertaining App of 2017.

This would be an opportunity for you to join a high-growth, venture-backed startup in the early days.

We're based in SF but mostly work remotely. We typically meet in our office in the Mission a couple of times a week.

Some Recent Press About Hooked:
The Times – The app that has younger readers Hooked
New York Times – Text Messaging Takes More Apps Into a Chattier Realm

A bit about our founders and the journey that led to Hooked:
Vogue – Why a Tech Entrepreneur Got Rid of All Her Possessions and Lived as a Nomad for a Year
Medium – How We Got 10 Million Teens to Read Fiction on Their Phones

What would and ML Engineer at Hooked work on?

Here are some example projects:

  • Create a recommendation system that provides personalized recommendations to users by leveraging the data generated by hundreds-of-millions of stories being read. The system must be fast, scalable and support testing different candidate recommendation algorithms.
  • For our top stories we work with actors to create audio versions of our story. For the rest of the catalog we have experimented with text-to-speech systems but have found the results more comical than convincing. Build open state-of-the-art TTS systems (wavenet etc) to create TTS system that takes into account semantic context. What emotion needs to be conveyed? Can we condition on this to guide the TTS system?
  • Hooked readers generate vast amounts of granular data when they read -- every tap is a data point. Can we use marry this behavioral information with automatic story analysis using NLP techniques to predict engagement on future stories?

What is it like to work at Hooked?

A note about how we work. We are a small team with a huge footprint. This is only possible because we all share an intrinsic motivation to crack the code on mobile storytelling. At the same time, this is a fundamentally creative pursuit. It's not about grinding out hours unproductively; it's about finding the mental space and time to have true breakthroughs. We strongly believe in work-life balance. People are at their most productive and creative when they are well-rested and in control of their own schedule. For this reason, we primarily work remotely. We have an office in the Mission district of SF where we meet a couple of times a week. Of course, certain things are best done in person. But ultimately, how and when you work is largely up to you. We each have our own style; we're sure you do too. You can read more about our CEO's philosophy on remote work in this article she wrote for the New York Times.

What are we looking for?

  • A degree in CS with an emphasis on ML / AI. Graduate degree in ML is a plus.
  • 4+ years of experience as a software engineer, preferably with 2+ years focused on ML
  • Excellent coding skills in one or more of the following languages: Python, C++, Java, Scala
  • Ability to build and train models from scratch from latest academic research
  • Experience putting large-scale ML systems into production a plus
  • Interest in text, audio and video modeling and generation
  • Comfortable in a small, fast-paced startup environment